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eve egoyan
felix kubin
nicole lizée
pękala / kordylasińska / pękala
artur rojek
royal string quartet
emilia sitarz
bartek wąsik
hubert zemler


Members of the Kwadrofonik quartet are numbered among those artists who boldly leave their musical comfort zone. They move freely among various music genres, such as classical, electronic, contemporary and minimal ones, proving to be not only highly talented, but also curious and imaginative.

The second edition of the Kwadrofonik Festival “extends the area of struggle” even further: Emilia Sitarz, Magdalena Kordylasińska-Pękala, Miłosz Pękala and Bartek Wąsik are testing the cinema as a medium they could incorporate into their artistic world. This year they have, symbolically, asked David Lynch for cooperation (thus paying birthday tribute to him, as Lynch is turning 70 this year), Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. During the Festival they will perform excellent Études by a Canadian composer Nicole Lizée, who unstitched the works of great masters and made them into brand new music and film puzzles. The audience of the Nowy Teatr will hear the characteristic music of Angelo Badalamenti - the author of the one and only melancholic sound of the Lynch films. Other surprises are guaranteed as well: the songs of The Industrial Symphony No. 1 by David Lynch sung originally with a sweet voice by Julee Cruise will be performed live by Artur Rojek. Initiating cooperation with the outstanding artist and founder of the OFF Festival, the Kwadrofonik courageously enters the territory of the indie pop style.

Lynch, who provides spiritual patronage for the 2nd edition of the Festival (quite rightly so, as he is an artist of relentless explorations, media changes, experiments, not to mention his absolute pitch), will appear once more at the concert of Measures & Frames during which the acclaimed Royal String Quartet is going to perform pieces by Marek Żebrowski and Joanna Bruzdowicz composed for the Lynch films and a legend of the French cinema – Agnes Varda. During the performance images of the ocean will be screened, witnessing the quartet grappling with the sounds introduced by Wojciech Blecharz in his intriguing Liminal Studies.

The heavier, industrial, “analogue” sound will be provided by Takt Der Arbeit – the fruit of collaboration of Pękala/Kordylasińska/Pękala with a guru of the improvised music, Hubert Zemler, and a master of trans-genre experiments, fearless of any challenge, German composer Felix Kubin. This time documentaries, educational and propaganda films will be screened, treating labour as their common denominator, and showing the way it shapes not only life but its soundtrack too.

The Kwadrofonik’s soundtrack is just taking another sharp turn. See for your own eyes and ears where it will lead one of the most creative and experimenting Polish music ensembles.


  • Festival originator, host and organizer > Kwadrofonik Association
  • Kwadrofonik: Emilia Sitarz, Bartek Wąsik, Magdalena Kordylasińska, Miłosz Pękala
  • Texts > Małgorzata Sadowska (Newsweek)
  • Festival managers > Katarzyna Renes, Kinga Janowska / 13kotow.com
  • Sound engineer > Robert Migas
  • Promotion > Eliza Orzechowska
  • Graphic design > Justyna Kosińska / temperowka.pl
  • Website development > Michał Pękala / simplercode.com
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